ReFriending Industry and the Environment

MOB Academy 24-Hour Capri paddle (2020)

On the 15th / 16th October 2020, ReOil proudly supported the Men of Business (MOB) Academy in their 24-Hour Capri Paddle fund raising event. The aim was to help raise money for their 95 boys and the purchase of two new school buses which are used to transport the boys to various locations for camps, activities, appointments and excursions. The event was supported largely by the local community, business and covered by local news channels ( and

MOB ( ) focuses on empowering young men with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be happy, healthy and successful in life after school. For those boys who do not suit the standard avenues of education and guidance during the latter teen years, MOB provides an alternative to assist in keeping them on the right path. A key strength of the MOB Academy is engagement with local community and business mentors which supports the growth of the boys and allows for a deeper learning and appreciation.

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